redintegrate [ri din′tə grāt΄]
redintegrated, redintegrating [ME redintegraten < L redintegratus, pp. of redintegrare: see RE- & INTEGRATE]
to make whole or perfect again; reunite; reestablish

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  • Redintegrate — Re*din te*grate ( gr?t), v. t. To make whole again; a renew; to restore to integrity or soundness. [1913 Webster] The English nation seems obliterated. What could redintegrate us again? Coleridge. [1913 Webster] …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • Redintegrate — Re*din te*grate (r?*d?n t?*gr?t), a. [L. redintegratus, p. p. of redintegrare to restore; pref. red , re , re + integrare to make whole, to renew, fr. integer whole. See {Integer}.] Restored to wholeness or a perfect state; renewed. Bacon. [1913… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • redintegrate — index fix (repair), rehabilitate, renew (refurbish), renovate, restore (renew) Burton s Leg …   Law dictionary

  • redintegrate — transitive verb Etymology: Middle English, from Latin redintegratus, past participle of redintegrare, from re , red re + integrare to make complete more at integrate Date: 15th century archaic to restore to a former and especially sound state …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • redintegrate — redintegrative, adj. /red in ti grayt , ri din /, v.t., redintegrated, redintegrating. to make whole again; restore to a perfect state; renew; reestablish. [1400 50; late ME redintegraten < L redintegratus (ptp. of redintegrare to make whole… …   Universalium

  • redintegrate — [rɛ dɪntɪgreɪt] verb archaic restore to a state of wholeness, unity, or perfection. Derivatives redintegration noun redintegrative adjective Origin ME: from L. redintegrat , redintegrare make whole , from re(d) again + integrare restore …   English new terms dictionary

  • redintegrate — re·din·te·grate …   English syllables

  • redintegrate — red•in•te•grate [[t]rɛdˈɪn tɪˌgreɪt, rɪˈdɪn [/t]] v. t. grat•ed, grat•ing to make whole again; restore to a perfect state; renew; reestablish • Etymology: 1400–50; late ME < L redintegrātus, ptp. of redintegrāre; see red , integrate …   From formal English to slang

  • redintegrate — /rəˈdɪntəgreɪt/ (say ruh dintuhgrayt) verb (t) (redintegrated, redintegrating) to make whole again; restore to a perfect state; renew; re establish. {Latin redintegrātus, past participle See re , integrate} –redintegrative /rəˈdɪntəgreɪtɪv/ (say… …  

  • redintegrate —   v.t. make whole again; restore.    ♦ redintegration, n.; Psychology, revival of whole of previous mental state at recurrence of part of it.    ♦ redintegrative, a …   Dictionary of difficult words

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